Women in the port and maritime sector, why not?

3 Apr 2023

Women in the port and maritime sector, why not? 

Under this slogan, the work carried out by women in the port sector will be at the centre of a vast project launched by the Municipality of Livorno in cooperation with many stakeholders from the port and maritime sectors.

The calendar of the project includes an international conference on 17 and 18 May, a photo exhibition dedicated to the port workers of the Port of Livorno, the creation of a mural dedicated to women’s work in the port area, many cultural events and video interviews with numerous workers in the Port of Livorno.

The ETF – European Federation of Transport Workers – welcomes this project with enthusiasm, as we are firmly committed to promoting the presence of women workers in the port and maritime sectors and improving their working conditions.

We are convinced that the future of the sector also depends on our ability to make port work an opportunity for women and the new generations.

For these reasons, the ETF will actively contribute to the project and will be participating in the international conference on the 18th of May to share experiences and good practices in use in different European ports aimed at bridging the gender gap and making the sector women-friendly” stated Bera Tommasi, ETF Policy Officer for Dockers.

The main objectives of the project are to raise public awareness around the work done by women in the port and maritime sector, and animate a constructive debate among the stakeholders, in order to increase the presence of women in the sector“, explains Barbara Bonciani, creator of the project and Councillor for Ports in the Municipality of Livorno.

Although work in the port sector has changed over the years, in Italy, women employed in port companies still make up only 8% of the total workforce. A wholly insufficient figure that should make us think, considering that today women are able to carry out all the jobs in the port, exactly like men,” adds Barbara Bonciani.

More information: brochure in EN and other campaign materials.