YTF Convoy: From Oslo to Brussels for Fair Transport in Europe!

23 Mar 2019

Yrkestrafikkforbundet is a transport trade union and ETF affiliate in Norway. As enthusistic participants in our Fair Transport Europe campaign for decent work, they have branded a huge lorry with Fair Transport slogans. Now they are driving it from Oslo to Brussels for the demo on 27 March 2019! On the way they will meet various unions to share their experiences of social dumping, and discuss why they are all joining together to support our campaign for decent work in European transport.

First stop: Oslo

YTF meets Parat at Oslo AirportOf course the YTF convoy begins in Norway, where YTF met with the cabin crew section of Parat at Oslo Airport. Anneli Nyberg, president of Parat cabin crew spoke to Jim Klungnes, president of YTF, Trude Valle, vice president of YTF, and Jan Arne Laberget, president of the YTF logistics section. Check out this video to get a first glimpse of the lorry and learn why Parat and YTF are backing Fair Transport for Europe!

Second stop: Denmark

After the departure from Oslo, the YTF lorry took the Stena Line to Fredrikshavn and arrived on Saturday morning in Jutland and Herning. Out of the cab jumped Jan Arne Laberget, head of YTF Logistics, and federal leader Jim Klungnes. They were here to meet colleagues in Denmark’s 3F, which was solidly represented with its own stand at Scandinavia’s largest transport fair “Transport 2019”.

The Danes welcomed YTF warmly. They talked about recruitment in road transport, and YTF met “Emil”: the prize-winning head of the Godschaufførernes Landsklub.

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