A new prospect for XPO workers’ power in Europe – EWC established

31 Oct 2019

On Tuesday, years of negotiations with XPO Logistics Europe management finally resulted in an agreement to establish a European Works Council (EWC). This is a huge step towards the improvement of workers’ rights at XPO, a company known for its discriminatory practices and other forms of workplace rights violations.

Three years have passed since a Special Negotiating Body (SNB) was created to lead the negotiations. It was composed of workers’ representatives who worked tirelessly towards an agreement that was signed this week.



The document will now serve as a basis for the EWC’s set-up, giving XPO employees a new path to follow in protecting their rights at work.

On this momentous occasion for XPO workers, ETF would like to thank all the workers’ representatives involved in the negotiations for their hard work and commitment to the establishment of a body that will contribute to strengthening workers.

ETF is committed and will continue to support the future EWC and its activities. Here’s to future victories!

For background information on XPO and union involvement, check out our previous posts on the campaign XPO Exposed.