Fighting back for fair logistics


ETF and its trade unions across Europe are united in the #Fight4FairLogistics: a fight back against the exploitation of workers in the logistics and e-commerce sectors.

Amidst a boom in online shopping, the e-commerce and logistics sectors continue to report record profits – while digital retailers and logistics companies have enjoyed growth and success in recent years, the same cannot be said of the workers that these operations depend on.

These sectors, and increasingly the global economy, rely on diverse transport modes – transport modes that do not function without workers.

As these sectors continue to grow across Europe and the globe, so do unfair business models that rely on the exploitation of these key workers – embracing a race to the bottom in rights, conditions and pay. The current disruptions across supply chains demonstrate how central transport work is to society; yet we continually see downward pressure on the working conditions workers face.

Low pay, poor working conditions, working hours exceeding the legal limits, precarious work, bogus self-employment, algorithmic control and surveillance are common realities for the workers in these sectors. With the digitalisation of the economy and society, we warn that this cannot become the new status quo for work in Europe. On top of this, many companies shirk their social security obligations through webs of subcontracting, temporary work and bogus self-employment.

So, what should a fair logistics sector look like?

  • Safe conditions and fair pay in work across the supply chain
  • Recognition of trade unions by logistics companies and the right to organise and collectively bargain guaranteed
  • Better working conditions, including fair working hours, safety protections and workload limits respected
  • Companies taking responsibility for their workers across subcontracting networks and respect their labour rights, including collective bargaining
  • Transparency over the use of management by algorithm, and a demand for no automation or digitalisation without negotiation
  • Governments stepping up controls over compliance with labour and social rules governing the sector in their respective countries as well as warehouse and delivery drivers’ status to clamp down on the phenomenon of bogus self-employment
  • Dignity for all transport workers across logistics

Our vision for fair logistics is clear – a sector where workers in logistics have fair pay and conditions at work, and essentially, receive the dignity they deserve from employers. Our fight goes beyond workers’ rights: it is time for logistics companies to pay their fair share in tax and social security conditions to the societies they operate in and take their environmental responsibilities seriously.

Transport work is central to society as illustrated by current disruptions across supply chains and the booming e-commerce sector, yet we continually see downward pressure on the working conditions workers face.

ETF and our affiliates have no choice but to step up action and fight back against the exploitation of workers in the logistics and e-commerce sectors – we’re united as a trade union movement to fight back!

You can follow our actions below.

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