Future Proof Skills for the Maritime Transport Sector

Our SkillSea project

Many trends are changing the seafaring profession: digitalisation, automation, the greening of the sector, etc. At the same time, many seafarers already face skill gaps and urgently need further training. Looking ahead, future proof training and education are vital. This will make career progression and mobility possible in a changing maritime transport sector, and in the long run it will guarantee the sustainability of the industry in Europe. It will also help to make the sector more attractive, particularly towards young people and women.

Building a future proof maritime training and education system will require cooperation between many stakeholders. The SkillSea project will foster cooperation on a European level between the industry, education and training providers and authorities, who will develop a strategy for future proof education and training for maritime professionals (both seafarers and on-shore workers working in the maritime industry).

The focus will be European cooperation to guarantee a high-quality maritime education in Europe. This will create a Europe-wide level playing field for training standards for seafarers, promoting the exchange of students between institutes, and making onboard training and apprenticeships possible for all students.

ETF supports these goals, so we have joined this important 4-year project as partner organisation – as part of a Project Consortium of 28 organisations from 16 European countries.

SkillSea will develop learning packages in the blended learning concept, which combine online and face-to-face tuition. Content will include digital skills (reflecting the changes in the industry and new forms of learning), green skills (reflecting greening of shipping), key competences, soft skills and knowledge of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).

To learn more about the project and follow the latest news, go to the SkillSea project website.

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Redefining maritime transport professions

After 4.5 years of exceptional contributions and hard work from all partners, the closing conference of the SkillSea project concluded yesterday in Brussels. when a new maritime skill sea strategy was launched.

1 Jun 2023

Skill Sea project, almost at its end

Launched to ensure the region’s maritime professionals possess key digital, green and soft management skills for the rapidly changing maritime labour market, the 4-year project SKILLSEA is approaching its end.

10 Feb 2023

Radical changes required to future-proof training and education of maritime professionals

As part of the SkillSea project, a new report was released – Current Skills Needs: Reality and Mapping.
Researchers surveyed more than 1,600 maritime professionals – 1,149 seafarers and 474 shore-based personnel – to get their views on the adequacy of current maritime training and education and what they consider to be the most important skills needs.

19 Mar 2020

The future of European Shipping needs to be social!

Last week, European Shipping Week 2020 was held in Brussels, organised by the European Community Shipowners’ Associations (ECSA). This year, the ETF Maritime Transport section took part in a variety of ways, with trade union representatives from nine different countries attending and contributing to the programme.

25 Feb 2020

Where can you find us during the 2020 European Shipping Week?

In addition to an event on seafarers’ employment organised by ETF affiliates, we will be involved in a number of other events together with the European Community Shipowners’ Associations (ECSA). We will be presenting results from joint projects and upcoming activities, as well as offer a better insight into the perspective of seafarers in terms of skills needs, digitalization, and equal opportunities.

10 Feb 2020