Train Crew Campaign

Keep on-board staff on European trains!

Rail passenger transport is a public service, which needs a human face to greet passengers on the train and in the railway station. This human presence is fundamental to assure the comfort and safety of all passengers, including persons with disabilities and reduced mobility. Sadly, governments and rail operators in many countries are pushing ahead with plans for driver-only operations (DOOs). DOOs are dangerous because they burden drivers with too many safety-critical tasks. Now ETF and our affiliates are campaigning to keep on-board staff on our trains and stop the development of so-called DOOs.

What is more, on-board personnel deserve recognition for their many non-commercial tasks. They have a fundamental role in increasing security on-board, they provide assistance and information to passengers, they help guarantee railway safety (such as safe door closing and train departure), and they play a vital role in the event of an accident or incident. Therefore, ETF is also campaigning for a European certification of on-board staff with safety-relevant tasks.

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Safety first! “Guards must be kept on board trains!”, declare ETF’s expert groups

The Locomotive Drivers’ Advisory Group and the On-Board Personnel Advisory Group, meeting in Brussels on 21-22 October, expressed their solidarity with French railway workers following an accident that occurred on October 16 between Mohon and Poix-Terron in Eastern France which involved a driver-only operation (DOO) train. DOOs are dangerous for both the train driver and the passengers: guards must be kept on board trains!

23 Oct 2019