Our fight for decent working conditions in urban public transport

Stop social dumping

Urban public transport used to be a sector with high job security, decent working conditions and highly attractive for workers, or at least for the middle-aged white male.

This is no longer the case. Public transport workers in both municipally owned companies and private companies complain about worsening working conditions.

These changes have many causes. Austerity policies and privatisation – for example via competitive tendering – result in a downgrading of working conditions. Competitive tendering of public transport services without a guaranteed social level playing field for all competitors results in social dumping.

ETF stands for the compulsory transfer of staff in the case of a change of operator, and we insist that staff must keep ALL acquired rights. We demand mandatory social criteria and social standards in tender specifications and in public service contracts.

ETF is developing policies and supporting affiliates in their actions to fight social dumping.

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