social dumping

Social Dumping in Rail

The ETF Railway Section campaign “Stop social dumping – for safe and social rail transport in Europe” wants safe and social rail transport.

19 Mar 2019

Working on rail freight corridors. A trade union manual

The manual “Working on Rail Freight Corridors – Anticipate, Take Action, Work Together” gives an overview about the rail freight corridor concept and identifies elements for a methodology to help workers and their representatives to develop the capacity to understand the governance of the corridors and thus the possible employment developments.

Published in 2013 with the support of the European Union, the report is available in English, French, and German.


Organising road

Road transport is by nature a cross-border activity. That means we need cross-border cooperation between trade unions to defend drivers’ rights. A joint trade union cooperation office started operating in October 2017 precisely with aim. Trade unions from Belgium, Denmark, Sweden and Romania have agreed to assist unionised Romanian drivers working in these countries.

23 Sep 2018

Fair Transport

Our campaign for dignity at work. No to social dumping and wage exploitation in transport!

22 Sep 2018
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