“Announcement of redundancies during this busy time is crazy” – TNT customer service worker speaks out

18 Feb 2021

In January, FedEx-TNT – a multi-billion dollar company – announced that they plan to fire more than 6000 workers in Europe despite last year’s record profits.

FedEx-TNT workers have worked tirelessly throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. They’ve transported essential goods into our homes, hospitals and shops under harsh conditions to keep the world moving.

They’re fed up with corporate greed and are speaking out: today, we share the story of a worker in Italy.

“It was 2002 when I was hired at TNT. I was young, all my colleagues and bosses were young and customer service in Naples was also young; we grew up together over the years.

We have witnessed countless changes and huge growth that affected us all. In customer service, we always had to adapt to the changes that management proposed. For a time, we were asked to invite the customers to manage some activities (such as management Left Notice – booking taken etc.) online and on their own. Then, once again, a U-TURN: the customer at the centre of everything. Guided and pampered. What I mean is that we were under the impression that our managers just winged it – and no matter what, we did our best.  And we still do, despite the difficult work circumstances.

Every morning, we give answers to our customers and spend our working hours apologizing to all those people that are experiencing delivery issues. It’s a constant struggle: appeasing customers’ anger and disappointment.

And despite all that, many customers thank us because we are there, listening to their words in an active and participatory way.

Rapid-fire calls and emails. Constant overtime requests. Work on Saturdays. Since November 2020, the amount of work has grown considerably.

To all of us, it seems crazy that redundancies were announced during this time. I cannot imagine that in my department or any other, there are people who are not needed.

There are 200 workers of the FedEx TNT Group in Italy who have grown up in and together with the company. There are 200 workers who might be employed in a better way, on new activities for forward-thinking targets.

Despite everything, I STILL BELIEVE IT CAN BE DONE!”

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