ETF calls for release of jailed Sicilian fishers in Libya

While fishing for red prawns, 18 fishers from Sicily were detained by the Libyan Coast Guard on 1 September. The ETF addressed a letter to European Commission Vice-President and Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries today, calling on them to take action and facilitate an immediate and unconditional release of these fishers.

10 Nov 2020

Italian Government gives its greenlight for ratification of ILO Convention 188

The ETF welcomes the green light of the Italian Government for the ratification of the ILO Convention 188 “Work in fishing”. The ETF, together with ITF, will continue to ask as many countries as possible to ratify the Convention 188 and properly implement it. The Convention is a fundamental international instrument to protect fishers’ working conditions and rights.

30 Jan 2020

Saving a life is NOT a crime! We welcome the release of Captain Carola Rackete

An Italian judge has ordered the release of the captain of the Sea Watch 3, a migrant rescue ship who had been arrested for breaking an Italian naval blockade after saving the lives of 40 migrants in the Mediterranean. Her release is a victory for justice, but this humanitarian crisis cannot be tackled by NGOs or merchant ships alone. The EU and its Member States must work together to save lives and share the burden of dealing with this crisis.

3 Jul 2019
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