COVID-19: Guidelines for safe skies

25 May 2020


Ensuring the safety of civil aviation workers has been at the centre of trade unions’ concerns since the COVID-19 pandemic began. ETF has been following the developments on the ground, receiving reports on companies’ (in)action in providing safety equipment and implementing safety measures to protect workers and passengers. No matter where the stories were coming from, it was clear that collective action by workers and their involvement in setting the guidelines and creating the measures is crucial.

The key institution setting guidelines for safe skies is the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). ETF takes an active role in the consultation process, making sure that the concerns of workers are always taken into account and that the guidelines correspond to the everyday working reality. Throughout the crisis, the agency has been publishing guidelines on the measures that need to be introduced in this new reality to protect workers. Here are the key documents that are aimed at keeping the skies safe.

[30 June 2020] COVID-19 Aviation Health Safety Protocol

[30 June 2020] Safety Information bulletin 2020-02R5

[30 June 2020] Guidance on Aircraft Cleaning and Disinfection

[30 June 2020] Guidance on Management of Crew Members

[25 June 2020] Operational measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection – Safety Directive 2020-03 and Safety Directive 2020-04

[5 May 2020] Safety information bulletin – Preparation for aerodromes to resume operations

[29 April 2020] Guidelines for the transport of cargo in passenger aircraft


For an overview of health and safety-related needs of aviation workers, take a look at our video on the topic:

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