Issue: safer skies

In focus: pilots’ working conditions

An ongoing survey on pilots’ working conditions and safety aims to investigate the effects of new business models and work conditions on pilots’ health, fatigue and flight safety, linking socio-economic aspects, health and safety.

2 May 2022

Fit for 55 package: fit for aviation workers?

One of the most important issues we want to raise with our ETF Civil Aviation position on the European Commission’s Fit for 55 package is just transition and how environmental and social sustainability can go hand in hand if workers’ needs and voice are taken into account.

16 Mar 2022

Social sustainability must be kept at the core of all future engagements part of the Toulouse declaration

The ETF welcomes the Declaration on future sustainability and decarbonisation in aviation, or the so-called Toulouse declaration adopted today during the Aviation Summit under the French presidency of the Council of the EU.
The Aviation Summit, a flagship event for aviation of the French Presidency, gathered EU ministers, the European Commission, the ICAO president, the Directors General of Civil Aviation, members of the European Civil Aviation Conference, and stakeholders representing the air transport in Toulouse, France.

4 Feb 2022

SAS pilots are not disposable

The European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) stands in solidarity with SAS pilots and their unions and condemns actions being taken by SAS that worsen income and working condition for workers

25 Oct 2021