Defend the right to strike in the ILO

30 Oct 2014

301014_Defend right to strike

The ITUC’s Global Rights Index shows that the right to strike is frequently restricted in law and violated in practice around the world – but at the International Labour Organization, employers and governments are challenging its existence anywhere.

Workers’ representatives at the ILO are responding by asking for an opinion from the International Court of Justice on the right to strike in international law – and it’s likely this opinion will be positive. A key decision on the referral will be made at the ILO’s governing body, with discussions starting on 30 October in Geneva.

Join the campaign now – take action to save the right to strike!

Sign up here to support the campaign and find information about how to lobby.


Please contact your national trade union centre to urge them to campaign to protect the right to strike and demand support from governments and employers. If the employers get their way it will be a set back for many unions across the world.

Please take action now! The right to strike is fundamental to defend workers. Let’s defend it together. 

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