right to strike

UK government must repeal the Strikes Bill

We fully support what our UK unions in what they say – this legislation serves only to criminalise and punish workers, undermine democracy at the workplace, and limit the effectiveness of all types of strike action.

16 Jan 2023

A brother in need can always count on our solidarity!

It is utterly unacceptable for Brussels Airlines to use such a dirty attack against its own workers. There seems to be no limit in the company’s threats to put the cost of a strike they are legally entitled to organise on the worker’s shoulders

18 Dec 2021

right to strike in ATC

The European Commission is encouraging member states to limit the right to strike for workers in air traffic control (ATC). This is a clear attack on a fundamental right. and also an area where the Commission has no power to intervene. ETF will not let these threats pass.

23 Sep 2018