Demanding Fair Transport: ETF and IRU Seek Remuneration Calculator

28 Nov 2023

To reshape the European road transport sector, the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) alongside its affiliates has been at the forefront of advocating for the Mobility Package. This landmark set of rules, introduced with the aim of reforming the sector, focuses on improving working conditions and ensuring fair competition.

The adoption of the Mobility Package marked a pivotal moment for road transport workers in Europe. A key component of these new rules, as outlined in Directive 2020/1057, is the requirement for drivers to receive the minimum remuneration of the country they are posted to. This Directive is a step towards ensuring fair competition between operators and that drivers are fairly compensated for their work.

Despite the progressive intent of these rules, their enforcement has been challenging. Issues such as abuse of the rules and a lack of accessible information for drivers and operators have hindered their effective implementation. Recognizing this gap, the ETF, in collaboration with the International Road Transport Union (IRU), has taken a proactive step with a joint letter.

In the joint letter the ETF and IRU have shared with Commissioner Adina Vălean and Commissioner Nicolas Schmit, we called for the development of a remuneration calculator. This tool will be crucial for the enforcement of posting rules, providing clear and accessible information on remuneration standards across different countries. The calculator is expected to be a key resource in helping drivers, operators, and authorities; ensuring fair pay for road transport workers.

The ETF and IRU’s joint initiative underscores a commitment to creating a transparent and fair road transport sector in Europe. It symbolizes a step towards a future where the rights and welfare of road transport workers are placed at the forefront of policies and industry practices.