Issue: Driving and rest time in road passenger transport

Demanding Fair Transport: ETF and IRU Seek Remuneration Calculator

In the joint letter the ETF and IRU have shared with Commissioner Adina Vălean and Commissioner Nicolas Schmit, we called for the development of a remuneration calculator. This tool will be crucial for the enforcement of posting rules, providing clear and accessible information on remuneration standards across different countries. The calculator is expected to be a key resource in helping drivers, operators, and authorities; ensuring fair pay for road transport workers.

28 Nov 2023

ETF Challenges EU New Proposal on Bus and Coach Drivers’ Working Hours

The European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) organized a rally in protest against new rules on driving and rest times of bus and coach drivers. In front of the EU Commission, in Brussels, various MEPs and ETF affiliates from 6 countries spoke about the dangers of rules that will push driver fatigue further. 

14 Nov 2023