Issue: Driving and rest time in road passenger transport

Major Inspection Near Port of Antwerp Reveals Alarming Rate of Violations in Road Transport Sector

On May 20, 2024, a major inspection occurred at the Noorderlaan car park near the Port of Antwerp. Organized by the Belgian police and the Social Intelligence and Investigation Service (SIOD), the operation saw participation from the European Transport Worker’s Federation (ETF), BTB-ABVV, CSC Transcom, ACV Openbare Diensten, and the RTDD Foundation. With the support of the European Labour Authority (ELA), authorities from Bulgaria, Lithuania, Poland, and Romania were also present in a collaborative effort to tackle social fraud and enforce compliance in road transport.

23 May 2024

ETF Criticizes Approved Flexibilization Rules in Bus and Coach

The European Transport Workers’ Federation has expressed significant disappointment following the recent parliamentary approval of further flexibilization in organising breaks and rest for road passenger transport workers. The ETF, a leading voice in advocating for workers’ rights in the transportation sector, views these changes as a step backwards in ensuring a fair and safe working environment.

13 Dec 2023

Demanding Fair Transport: ETF and IRU Seek Remuneration Calculator

In the joint letter the ETF and IRU have shared with Commissioner Adina Vălean and Commissioner Nicolas Schmit, we called for the development of a remuneration calculator. This tool will be crucial for the enforcement of posting rules, providing clear and accessible information on remuneration standards across different countries. The calculator is expected to be a key resource in helping drivers, operators, and authorities; ensuring fair pay for road transport workers.

28 Nov 2023

ETF Challenges EU New Proposal on Bus and Coach Drivers’ Working Hours

The European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) organized a rally in protest against new rules on driving and rest times of bus and coach drivers. In front of the EU Commission, in Brussels, various MEPs and ETF affiliates from 6 countries spoke about the dangers of rules that will push driver fatigue further. 

14 Nov 2023