EESC Opinion on Social dumping in the European civil aviation sector

9 Oct 2015

The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) has adopted at its 510th plenary session on Wednesday 16 September 2015 an own-initiative opinion entitled „Social dumping in the European civil aviation sector“.The vast majority of EESC members has voted in favour of the document, which reflects most of the claims expressed by the ETF and its affiliates.

In its opinion, the EESC endorses the commitment of both EU Commission President Juncker and Transport Commissioner Bulc to fight social dumping and urges the European Commission to monitor the situation and take steps if required. The Committee also believes that EASA must „scrutinise the developments to ensure the optimal safety of passengers and staff regardless of the business models, with a particular focus on these new models in order to stabilise the industry.” In particular, the EESC calls for proper implementation of case law of the European Court of Justice in terms of social security and labour law, as well as (false) self-employment.

According to the EESC, the following steps should be taken

  • revision of Regulation (EC) 1008/2008 in terms of enforcement of national social legislation and collective agreements, as well pinning down the concept of principal place of business
  • preventing any unfair competition from third countries (cf. Regulation (EC) 868/2004)
  • in terms of coordination of social security, the issues related to multiple/temporary bases and transitional period should be clarified
  • equal treatment of all workers should be extended to aircrew

In addition, the EESC suggests that DG MOVE and DG EMPL should scrutinise together the application of the Directive on temporary agency work in the aviation sector. In the ground handling sector, the EESC calls to address the issue of transfer of staff in case of a call for tender and/or partial loss of activities.

The full text of the opinion can be downloaded below