Enough is enough! – ver.di calls for strike action as German municipal employers block collective bargaining!

22 Sep 2020

Strikes are announced this week in Germany, as ETF’s German affiliate ver.di prepares actions, and calls on urban public transport workers to strike!

87.000 workers in over 130 companies all over Germany are taking a stand and participating in the ongoing campaign!

Strike actions all over Germany are announced this week as ver.di and workers fight back against German Association of Municipal Employers’ Associations (VKA – Vereinigung der kommunalen Arbeitgeberverbände) refusal to enter into collective bargaining for a national sector collective agreement for public transport workers.  The sector and its workers have been suffering years of cost-cutting and lack of personnel while public transport services are increasing. Enough is enough!

ver.di’s demands are loud and clear:

Working time

  • 30 days of holidays related to a 5-day week plus additional individual relief days

A new regulation on overtime

  • In particular, shortening the compensation period to 14 days
  • No disadvantages for part-time workers
  • Vehicle delays are paid working hours from the first minute

Promotion of young talent

  • Mandatory crediting of the vocational training time in the company or group as a time of employment and activity

Special payment

  • 100% special payment, no reduction for time of absence

Supplements and allowances

  • Calculation of all surcharges on an individual level
  • Shift and rotating shift allowances also in the driving service

You may download ver.di’s full demands and manifesto at your right.

ETF stands by ver.di in its demands: Public transport workers are key workers and they deserve fair working conditions as opposed to increased pressure due to overtime and lack of personnel!