ETF calls for equal pay for equal work of equal value for all drivers working in the EU

17 Mar 2022

The ETF Road Transport Steering Committee signals that tens of thousands of Ukrainian and Russian truck drivers are stranded in Europe, on poor subsistence means and having but little possibility to return to their countries.

We, therefore, call for the EU-based operators employing them, to provide them with pay and working conditions in full compliance with the EU rules. Mobility Package 1 covers third-country nationals working on the EU territory and gives them the right to equal pay for equal work of equal value, the right to spend the weekly rest in adequate accommodation conditions, and the right to return to their place of residence at least once per month.

We equally call for the Member States to facilitate the safe return to the country of origin, for those drivers who wish to do so.

Now more than ever, the ETF takes the lead in campaigning for a non-discriminatory application of the EU legislation to all bus, coach and truck drivers working on the territory of the EU, no matter their origin.

The European Labour Authority dedicates 2022 to road transport and the problem of third-country drivers is in focus. The ETF is ready to cooperate with ELA in this respect and equally prepared to work together with the industry, to ensure protection for these drivers in need of decent and legal work and living conditions.