ETF conference emphasises the importance of collective bargaining in the port sector

4 Jul 2013

On 27-28 June 2013 the final conference of the EU co-funded project ‘Monitoring the processes and outcome of collective bargaining in the EU port sector’ took place in Genoa, Italy.

More than 50 participants from 15 countries discussed the outcome of a report drafted by LRD (Labour Research Department) on behalf of the ETF.

The report presents the analysis of collective bargaining agreements at national, port or company level, signed by ETF members in 22 countries. The study also takes into account the result of a survey carried out through questionnaires and interviews with ETF affiliates.

Issues such as pay levels and structures, working time arrangements, training, protection of health and improvement of safety are examined in the framework of the project.

The report is at the moment being finalised and discussions are being held on the most appropriate ways to follow up the project in the near future.