ETF pledges solidarity to unions in their fight against FedEx decision to cut its European workforce by thousands

26 Jan 2021

FedEx announces decision to fire 6,300 employees in midst of booming e-commerce

The European Transport Workers’ Federation is appalled by the news of FedEx’s intention to cut its European workforce by 6,300 employees. The company presents this as part of its integration process of the TNT network, acquired in 2016.

But for the ETF and its unions, this is a deplorable and unfounded decision as the air freight sector is booming at the moment with the transport of medical equipment and vaccines and the explosion of online commerce.

Moreover, FedEx-TNT employees went above and beyond during the COVID-19 pandemic state of emergency to ensure the flow of goods, and a steady flow of profits. Announcing massive layoffs is a sorry way for the multi-billion dollar company to thank its workers for their tireless work.

We simply cannot accept that FedEx treats their workforce as a cheap, disposable commodity, especially when they continue to reap the benefits of their hard labour.

The ETF, who represents over 5 million workers from 41 European countries, joins all concerned workers and unions in their fight against these unfair and unacceptable redundancies.

FedEx must urgently pursue constructive social dialogue with unions with the full involvement of their European Works Council to prevent job losses and unfair working conditions.

We pledge our unwavering solidarity to all our unions across Europe in their fight to defend the rights of FedEx-TNT employees.


The ETF solidarity statement can be downloaded at your right.