ETF Solidarity after railway accident in Italy

1 Sep 2023

ETF in solidarity with Italian Unions after 5-death tragedy in Italy’s railway.

A serious rail accident occurred last night on the railway line between Brandizzo and Chivasso, Italy. Five railway infrastructure maintenance workers died, and 3 other workers were injured.

As much as some are portraying yesterday’s incident as extraordinary, there have been dozens of work-related fatalities in the network maintenance sector in recent years. Events happened almost exclusively to subcontracted workers. Since this tragedy is not an isolated event, Unions are calling for an investigation into the causes and concrete action from railway companies to prevent future incidents. Workers deserve a job where they don’t have to fear for their lives when going to work.

Several Italian Unions, affiliates of ETF, proclaimed a 4-hour strike for RFI S.P.A.’s employees assigned to the management and execution of maintenance to the infrastructure.

ETF stands in solidarity with Italian unions and the workers’ rights to safety and security.