ETF stands in solidarity with Keolis/eurobahn railway workers

11 Dec 2019

On behalf of the European Transport Workers’ Federation, representing more than 5 million transport workers, we want to express our solidarity with the railway employees of Keolis/eurobahn in Germany, and your legitimate and justified strike.

Employees working for the same company should be treated equally. The current situation where employees are being subject to lower standards and pay in comparison to their peers is unacceptable.

We condemn the current situation which has created resentment, frustration, and a feeling of insecurity amongst employees. Such injustice cannot be ignored. All employees must be treated equally.

The fact that the management of Keolis/eurobahn refuses to negotiate with you on this topic is an outrage. 94% of employees have stated that they will strike until management is ready to sit down and listen to their demands. We stand with them, and we sincerely wish this strike every success!

Your voices will be heard! We will closely follow the developments, and we hope that the management of Keolis/eurobahn will wake up and listen to your call for equality.

Fair and equal treatment of employees is part of the fight led by ETF and its affiliates for a fair transport sector for workers. Together, we are stronger.