ETF takes part in EU Expert Group on Urban Mobility to address issues in public transport

5 Apr 2023

Following a 2021 open call for members announced in the new EU urban mobility framework, the European Commission set up an Expert Group on Urban Mobility (EGUM).  The ETF was successful in their application to become a member of the group.

The ETF is actively involved in the sub-group on public transport and shared mobility, which is working towards the implementation of the New EU Urban Mobility Framework. As the voice of transport workers across Europe, ETF is an important contributor to the sub-group’s objectives which include putting workplace issues on the agenda and exchanging good practices and collective bargaining coverage.

ETF is in favour of the green deal and a shift towards mass/collective transit but believes that this must be planned in partnership with unions. However, the current shortage of workers and demographic crisis, as well as the lack of investment, are holding public transport back. Addressing these issues is crucial if public transport is to live up to its potential.

In particular, ETF’s involvement in topic 4 of the sub-group, which focuses on public transport inclusiveness and jobs, highlights the importance of addressing worker shortages and evolving skill requirements in the sector, as well as ensuring accessibility of public transport services for all individuals, including those with disabilities.

The group will produce recommendations on a number of topics up to May 2024. The first set of recommendations will be completed in time for Urban Mobility Days in October 2023.

Through its participation in the sub-group, ETF is working collaboratively with other stakeholders to create a more sustainable, accessible, and efficient urban mobility system for all.

By putting workplace issues at the forefront of the agenda and exchanging good practices, ETF is striving to ensure that the voices and needs of transport workers are heard and taken into account in policy and decision-making processes related to public transport and shared mobility.