ETF welcomes B.United to the union family and encourages Ryanair to engage in meaningful social dialogue

29 May 2020


In the lead up to the International Cabin Crew day this Sunday, the ETF is happy to welcome a new member to the union family. A cabin crew union B.United has just been set up in the Prague base of Ryanair, representing the workers employed directly by Ryanair, as well as the agency workers.

These are challenging times for the aviation industry, and many workers are experiencing uncertainty and anxiety about what is to come. Trade unions are essential in these circumstances, providing support, comradery, and a collective voice in shaping the future. They ensure that the workers have the opportunity to negotiate, to safeguard their rights, to defend their interests.

ETF would like to take this opportunity to express solidarity with the cabin crew at the Prague base, as well as appeal to Ryanair to engage in meaningful social dialogue with B.United. The union reached out to Ryanair yesterday, inviting them to participate in constructive dialogue and arrange a meeting on 1 June.

This is the time for trust, for cooperation, and respect. The wellbeing of the workers also benefits the company. We encourage all the parties involved to take this golden opportunity for dialogue and work together for a brighter future for all.