Campaign: Ryanair

Buzz continues to refuse social dialogue with B.United

Since Ryanair still denies B. United social dialogue, Paulina Puchala, union representative for TOZPLiN,  attempted to deliver a letter to Ryanair Sun (Buzz) in Warsaw in person on behalf of B.United Presdient, Matteo Pizzolato. The letter simply called for social dialogue but was outright refused.

Union Action
8 Jul 2021

Czech union supports dismissed Ryanair union members in their fight for justice

Czech transport union Odborový svaz dopravy has been supporting Ryanair cabin crew in the Prague base for a couple of months now. What started as guidance in setting up union structures and getting the union officially recognised, turned into a fight for the right to organise last week, when Ryanair fired three of the leading members.

Union Action
8 Jun 2020

Ryanair cabin crew members in Prague fired after unionising

Only a day after a new cabin crew union in Prague notified Ryanair of their existence and requested a meeting to discuss working conditions, three union leaders were fired. They shared their story with us, taking us through their experience of working for the company, shining a light on Ryanair’s anti-union practices.

Worker's Story
5 Jun 2020