ETF workshop on Low Fares Airlines at the ITF Congress (13 August 2014)

7 Aug 2014

Low fares airlines have brought cheaper travel for the travelling public … BUT what is the price for the workers? Precariousness, imposed flexibility, social dumping, flags of convenience and union busting! Legacy airlines have to re-define their business model and worsen the terms and conditions of their workers to be able to compete. This is not the way forward for a sustainable aviation. Professor Peter Turnbull (University of Cardiff) will present findings of a study on the development of the labour market in the airline industry due to the development of low fares airlines. This research is part of project run by the ETF (co-funded by the EU).

WHEN? 13 August 2014, 14:30 – 16:00

WHERE? Hall Olympia

For more information, please download the attached leaflet below