European Parliament adopts SPA on working time

30 Oct 2014

301014_working time

On 23 October 2014, the European Parliament has adopted a motion for a resolution on certain aspects of the organisation of the working time in inland waterway transport following the Social Partners’ Agreement. With the adoption, the European Parliament welcomes a Council directive that implements the European agreement on working time for Inland Waterways, for the nautical and also for the Hotel, Restaurant and Catering staff.

In November 2009, the recognised European Social Partners for Inland Waterways, namely the ETF, the European Barge Union (EBU) and the European Skippers Organisation (ESO) formally adopted a document containing all principles regarding working time for EU IWT in the Social Dialogue Committee. Negotiations with the Employers’ organisation resulted in an agreement on Working Time for the sector, which was officially signed in February 2012. The European Agreement also applies to crew members and shipboard personnel  on board of passenger vessels. It complements the general working time Directive, and provides for minimum requirements, leaving the Member States and social partners free to adopt measures which are more favourable to workers in the area concerned.