Fair Transport

Destination: Fair Transport!

The vision of fair transport is what guides the everyday work of the ETF. It represents a future where European transport is free of social dumping, with quality jobs for transport workers, safe, reliable and affordable service for customers and where environmental and social sustainability go hand in hand.

We share this fight with transport workers around Europe, and we are committed to supporting them in eliminating unfair competition and exploitation. It’s a struggle that is never over.

Destination: Fair Transport! is a continuation of our work towards a future where transport is fair. We are building upon past achievements, such as the Fair Transport campaign that united thousands of workers in protest in 2019.

The need for an articulation of what fair transport means for transport workers around Europe became crystal clear in 2020. COVID-19 has made everyone aware of the crucial role of transport workers in our societies, and also laid bare the pitfalls of the transport industry. Along with the devastation faced by many of the transport sectors and their employees, also came an opportunity to rebuild – better.

We need to ensure job security for transport workers, as precarity has further marginalised certain groups of workers. We need to build up union power as only strong unions can prevent the abuse of the crisis to lower working conditions. We need to work together to make sure that unfair practices are a thing of the past and that the future is built on solidarity and fairness.

For a more detailed overview of our vision for the future, check out our position on Green and Social Transport and Digitalisation and Automation.