If you can organise Ryanair, you can organise everywhere!

6 Nov 2018

The ETF’s political secretary for civil aviation, François Ballastero, spoke at a debate about the social unrest at Ryanair. The event was organised by the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI), and also featured Jean Vandewattyne, course leader at the Université de Mons and the Université Libre de Bruxelles, and Philippe Pochet, ETUI’s director general.

After recalling the various ETF and ITF campaigns to support workes at Ryanair, with the successes achieved and the difficulties encountered, Ballastero looked to the future. It is obvious that the social conflict is not over. New fights will be necessary to ensure that Ryanair enters the 21st century as regards human and social management.

One key measure of success will be when recognised trade unions agree national collective agreements with Ryanair which contain conrete measure to improve employment and working conditions. European legislation must also evolve to protect workers confronted with the anti-social practices of Ryanair and employers who exploit a similar model. Indeed, the ETF wants the end of the current Ryanair management model so that Europe can develop fair aviation for all.

You can watch the whole event in this video recording: