International Day of the Air Traffic Controller 2020

20 Oct 2020

On 20 October, we celebrate the International Day of the Air Traffic Controller. With the COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing and affecting the aviation industry in a major way, the ETF is taking this occasion to celebrate ATCOs and ATM workers around Europe and reaffirm our commitment to fight for their rights:

Today is the International Day of the Air Traffic Controller. It’s important to remind ourselves of the vital role ATCOs and ATM workers play in keeping the industry moving through very demanding and stressful circumstances. Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, these workers have been absolutely key in keeping the skies open no matter the challenges, for the benefit of passenger, cargo or humanitarian flights. It’s thanks to them that we have the skies open and the world can keep moving.

Despite their crucial role, we have been seeing efforts on multiple levels to undermine their working conditions and continue to increase pressure on this profession. The ETF is committed to fight on behalf of ATCOs and ATM workers in the weeks and months to come to make sure the long-awaited Single European Sky reform brings positive improvements not only to the whole aviation ecosystem but also to the workers themselves. The ETF is ready to collaborate with all actors including the EU institutions to make sure the legislation is balanced and brings real improvement to the work of ATCOs and ATM workers across Europe.

Eoin Coates, ETF Head of Aviation