workers’ rights

Unions are the only guarantee for workers’ rights to be respected

Trade unions play a vital role in representing workers’ rights and interests. They are the credible voices demanding social protection for workers: unemployment benefits, pensions, or access to healthcare. Aviation workers across Europe are saying that the chances of decent working conditions and fair pay are non-existent unless a union represents workers.

28 Apr 2023

Why must CBA be the rule?

A Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) is a must within the aviation industry. Whether flight attendants, pilots, ATM workers, or ground staff, our aviation workers consider a labour agreement as the only guarantee for being treated fairly by their employers regarding working conditions, wages, job security, health, and safety.

14 Apr 2023

Adoption of EP report on EWCs: Good news for millions of workers in transnational companies

The European Trade Union Federations (ETUFs), EFBWW, EFFAT, EPSU, ETF, industriAll and Uni Europa, representing millions of workers and supporting over 20,000 European Works Council members every day, jointly welcome the adoption by the European Parliament of the own-initiative legislative report on the revision of the European Works Council Directive. It is time for the European Commission to act!

2 Feb 2023

ETF-ITF Statement on Belarus

ETF and ITF call on our affiliates to express solidarity with our brothers and sisters from Belarus, to demand the immediate release of trade unionists. Please support the call of global unions by signing the petition to stop the biggest attack on a trade union in Europe this century.

26 Apr 2022

The IWT working time agreement celebrates ten years

Ten years after signing the European social partner’s agreement (SPA) on working time for inland waterways together with the European Social Partners – the European Barge Union (EBU) and the European Skippers’ Organisation (ESO) -the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) fully supports the European Commission’s recent urging all EU Member States (MS) to implement the Directive, regardless of the size of the inland water sector in their territory.

15 Feb 2022