Issue: COVID-19 I Protecting Transport Workers' Rights

Solidarity Statement with EUROCONTROL workers

Air safety goes hand in hand with workers’ rights. EUROCONTROL workers face threats of worsening working conditions in what should be Europe’s air safety nerve center.

7 Oct 2021

European aviation sector is not in the clear yet

The European aviation sector needs dedicated support measures in order to survive the crisis triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. The ETF urges European institutions as well as Member States to provide additional support measures to the European aviation sector and its workers.

14 Jun 2021

ETF calls for immediate waiver of patents on Covid-19 vaccines

A genuine recovery from COVID-19 will only be possible if it occurs globally and simultaneously, ensuring universal access to vaccination and medical equipment everywhere. The ETF demands that the European Commission, EU Council and all European States immediately support India and South Africa’s proposal at the WTO to fight Covid-19.

1 Jun 2021