Issue: safer skies

ETF and the European Aviation Safety Agency

Aviation workers have unique on-the-job expertise on aviation safety, and ultimately they will make any safety rules a success. That is why we believe that workers should have a central role in EASA. Our mission is to ensure that the vital regulations which govern aviation reflect the needs, views and knowledge of aviation workers – defending both staff and passengers from unrestrained commercial interests.

7 Aug 2019

Drones and aviation safety

Drones, or unmanned aircraft, are an ever more common presence in Europe’s skies. They certainly have a role to play in the future of aviation, but safety must be the primary concern. Take a look at our comprehensive policy on drones and remotely piloted aircraft.

7 Aug 2019

Safer Skies

Aviation is a very safe form of transport, but accidents can be devastating. Aviation workers are experts on their industry, and they play a vital role in keeping passengers safe. In an emergency they are there to protect passengers. ETF works to ensure that all aviation workers have the training and rest needed for peak performance. We also bring workers’ perspectives to the international bodies which establish safety rules for the sector.

7 Aug 2019

ETF position on drones: “one sky – one safety”

Drones are used for task such as aerial filming and photography, safety inspections of pipelines or buildings or for agriculture. However, this new technology brings risks like collision, human errors, terrorist attacks, cybersecurity and third party risks. We call for a robust regulatory framework including categorisation of drones, pilot licenses for drones, training, registration, hardware requirements and airspace separation.

19 Dec 2016