Issue: Single European Sky

Social dialogue is needed more than ever to build the single European sky!

ETF comments following the first round table discussions on the future of the Single European Sky on 28 May 2019 and the report of the Wise Persons Group (WPG):
Disappointment that not not involved at all in the works of the WPG despite the fact that we represent 30.000 employees (in all categories of ATM staff: ATCOs, ATSEPS, AIS, administrative staff);
All ATM social partners from the employee side are quite critical towards the report;
The approach followed by the WPG totally ignores the importance of the social dialogue in the EU polices and mechanisms to be implemented

8 Aug 2019

The Single European Sky: Safe and Social

An EU project to streamline the management of European airspace. In practice this means moving from a purely national management of airspace and air traffic, towards a series of Functional Airspace Blocks which cross national borders

23 Sep 2018

ETF position on drones: “one sky – one safety”

Drones are used for task such as aerial filming and photography, safety inspections of pipelines or buildings or for agriculture. However, this new technology brings risks like collision, human errors, terrorist attacks, cybersecurity and third party risks. We call for a robust regulatory framework including categorisation of drones, pilot licenses for drones, training, registration, hardware requirements and airspace separation.

19 Dec 2016