Italian Government gives its greenlight for ratification of ILO Convention 188

30 Jan 2020

The ETF welcomes the green light of the Italian Government for the ratification of the ILO Convention 188 “Work in fishing”. Since its adoption in 2007, the ETF and ITF have been fighting for the ratification in all countries. The Convention covers fundamental issues such as:

  • Minimum age to work on fishing vessels,
  • Minimum medical certifications for workers,
  • Safety rules,
  • Minimum rest periods for workers,
  • Minimum social security, health and social security benefits for workers.

A number of European countries have already ratified the convention and Italy remained, until today, one of the key countries that were left. The ETF, together with ITF, will continue to ask as many countries as possible to ratify the Convention 188 and properly implement it. The Convention is a fundamental international instrument to protect fishers’ working conditions and rights.

The ETF is pleased that the Italian greenlight for ratification follows the recent announcements of ratification of Portugal, Poland and The Netherlands.

You can find the list of countries that have ratified the Convention here and the press release of the Italian government here.


The ratification of the Convention 188 is one of the pillars of our joint project with Europeche “Pillars of the Sea II”. A meeting with the Italian institutions is planned for the 6th of March as part of the framework of the project for the implementation of all relevant international instruments.