Main conclusions of the sectoral consultation on the future crewing standards

31 Mar 2023

Joint press release CESNI / ETF / UENF / OEB

More than 90 participants (employers and employees) took part in the second sectoral consultation on the future European standards relating to crews, which took place on December 14, 2022. The event was co-organized by UENF/OEB and ETF under the auspices of CESNI. Considering the number of participants and the organizations represented, it can be considered that the consultation gave a representative overview of the opinion of the sector.

Key aspects of future European crewing regulations were addressed, including modes of operation, rest time, rest days for owner-operators, single-person operation of a vessel and entry-level (light seaman and seaman).

Participants were able to express themselves on concrete proposals through questionnaires and interactive exchanges, for example, on a possible alternative to operating methods, a minimum rest period of six hours or a minimum number of rest days for owner-operators.

The results of the consultation have been published on the CESNI website .
For each theme (key point), you will find the answers given to the questions and the main elements reflecting the main conclusions. These results will feed the discussions within the working group, which is currently developing the future standards relating to crews.

Work continues! Questions or comments can be directed to industry representatives:

We thank all the participants for these fruitful exchanges!