Issue: Sustainable Crewing in IWT

When is enough going to be enough?

We demand that shipping companies, Tug & Towage companies, Port Authorities, and other regulating bodies respect national and international health and safety regulations to provide a safe workplace for all.

20 May 2022

Silent no more: overworked tugboat workers are reaching breaking point

It’s not surprising that workplace accidents are increasing in severity. Unsafe manning levels are more common. Legal rest times are being violated. Workers’ stress and fatigue levels are rising. The pressure being placed on tug and towage workers is pushing them to breaking point.

29 Mar 2022

ETF calls for solidarity amongst the entire Tug and Towage sector

We call on the Svitzer UK to take responsibility and engage in meaningful negotiations with Unite the Union and its inland waterways transport workers to find the best solutions for decent wages and working hours and end the current trade dispute over Pay Claim.

23 Feb 2022