New report exposes XPO’s anti-worker and anti-union practices

7 Oct 2020

XPO Logistics markets itself as a global leader in providing transport, logistics and last-mile delivery services. It provides these services to internationally-recognised companies, including Amazon, ASOS, IKEA, and Nestle.

XPO operates in 30 countries worldwide with almost 100,000 employees. The company reported more than $16 billion in total revenue in 2019, and its billionaire CEO, Bradley Jacobs, made $26 million the same year.

Regrettably, though, XPO’s financial success doesn’t translate into decent salaries and working conditions.

Quite the opposite – unions representing working people at XPO are greatly concerned that XPO’s business model is based on exploitation, illegal underpayments, and a callous approach to safety.

Today, ETF and ITF published a report exposing anti-worker and anti-union practices: union busting in Spain, a growing gender pay gap in the UK, temporary agency contracts in Italy, drivers living in their trucks for months around the EU are just a few of the examples.

The XPO Global Union Family was so far denied dialogue with the company.

But unions are ready to work with XPO – it’s time for XPO to meet with the unions.

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