Effective and ambitious legislation on due diligence is urgently needed

The ETF calls for a European directive on mandatory human rights due diligence and responsible business conduct.

Companies need to finally be held accountable for the impacts of their operations, without prejudice to joint and several liability.  A European directive would bring us closer to stopping violations of human rights that continue to take place in multinational operations, and their supply and subcontracting chains. 

5 Mar 2020

European trade unions call on logistics giant XPO to reinstate US colleagues fired for union activity

Global logistics giant XPO is under global pressure for what appears to be illegal union-busting activity in the USA. Jose Ramirez and Ryan Janota, both drivers for XPO in Illinois, were recently fired for exercising their federally-protected right to organise. Now unionists from 8 European countries have signed a declaration calling for XPO to reinstate their colleagues in the USA.

19 Mar 2018