Press Release February 21, 2023

Transport unions around the globe condemn crackdown on Tunisian workers

ITF and ETF condemn Tunisian Government’s attack on trade unions. The crackdown on trade unions and civil rights – with union leaders arrested and detained – comes as a response to unprecedented protests against a power grab by President Kais Saied. Unions also denounce the Tunisian Government’s expulsion of European Trade Union Confederation General Secretary Esther Lynch.

News February 17, 2023

Zero tolerance to unruly passengers

Together with our European partners in sectoral social dialogue, we developed a Compendium of best practices to prevent or manage situations caused by disruptive passengers. It is the first document at the EU level presenting what aviation workers or authorities have successfully applied across Europe in civil aviation when confronted with disruptive passengers in the last few years.

News February 10, 2023

Skill Sea project, almost at its end

Launched to ensure the region’s maritime professionals possess key digital, green and soft management skills for the rapidly changing maritime labour market, the 4-year project SKILLSEA is approaching its end.

News February 7, 2023

The future of transport, as the ETF President, Frank Moreels, sees it

ETF President Frank Moreels is convinced the way forward for transport is to place people – both workers and users – at its core. Right after the ETF roundtable on the future of transport, he shared his views on how the transport sector should look like and what needs to be done to get there.

News February 7, 2023

Youth Week at the ETF

ETF Youth representatives met in Brussels the third week of January for ETUI – ETF Young Workers Academy and ETF Youth Committee.