News July 5, 2023

For a safe revision of the European Train Drivers’ Directive

A good revision of the European Train Drivers’ Directive (TDD) must ensure safety and good working conditions first. It is what rail workers across Europe asked at a TDD debate hosted in the European Parliament. ETF has been following the TDD revision from the very start and is committed to achieving a safe and sustainable rail that provides high-quality jobs.

News July 5, 2023

The path to green transport: reviving rail freight across Europe

The rise of green transport starts with the end of social and environmental dumping in the transport sector. At the ETF, we advocate for a comprehensive re-evaluation of transport policies, with particular attention to reviving rail freight services across Europe.

Press Release July 4, 2023

Sea Fisheries Social Partners Joint resolution on decarbonisation in fisheries

European social partners in the fisheries sector – ETF, Cogeca and Europêche – support measures to continue reducing the carbon footprint of the fishing sector. Being engaged in the partnership for the energy transition in fisheries launched by the European Commission, the Social Partners are committed to giving their contribution to the process together with the policymakers and relevant stakeholders.

Press Release June 30, 2023

For fair and adequate EU measures in the Mediterranean fisheries sector

At the conference “What future for fishers in the Mediterranean?”, the ETF and its affiliates asked the European Commission to adopt balanced measures equally supporting the three dimensions of the EU Common Fishery Policy: environmental, social, and economic.

News June 29, 2023

United, for the 1st Day Against Driver Fatigue in Europe

On 21 June, the ETF launched the very first Day Against Driver Fatigue in Europe. The ETF and its affiliates took action across Europe to draw attention to the critical problem of driver fatigue in road transport.
21 June was the longest day of the year – but for professional drivers, every day is the longest!

News June 25, 2023

Happy International Day of the Seafarer 2023!

Seafarers have a unique role and active contribution to protecting the marine environment. Happy Seafarers’ Day with clean oceans for a sustainable future for all humankind!

News June 22, 2023

ETF stand united with its French railway unions in Lille

An ETF delegation joined its French affiliates CGT-Cheminots, CFDT- Cheminots and UNSA-Ferroviaire in Lille on Thursday, 22 June 2023, in a protest against expanding privatisation of rail in France. ETF continues to work hard to defend railways and its workers to ensure that rail transport is a public service fit for a fair and sustainable Europe.

News June 19, 2023

United, we fight the spread of austerity measures in Europe

ETF and its affiliates join the ETUC campaign to stop Austerity 2.0 and fight the spread of austerity measures in Europe. We cannot and will not accept that workers are again obliged to carry the burden of the economic crisis while corporations are using increased costs as an excuse to increase profits.

Press Release June 19, 2023

21 June, ETF Awareness Day on Driver Fatigue

This 21 June, ETF launches the very first Awareness Day on Driver Fatigue in Europe, to draw attention to how critical the problem of driver fatigue in road transport is. ETF and its affiliates will organise actions across Europe this week, calling for urgent measures to raise standards and ensure decent work in the road transport sector.

News June 16, 2023

ETF is for gender equality in all aspects of life

ETF remains dedicated to fighting and promoting gender equality and fully supports its union members’ efforts devoted to gender equality. An ETF Women’s Committee delegation joined the 14 June major women’s equality rally in Switzerland, a traditional event championing for women’s rights.

News June 15, 2023

Raising standards for parcel delivery workers

ETF is committed to continuing fighting against the exploitation of workers in logistics and calls on policymakers and employers to ensure that workers’ rights are respected. Together with its affiliates, ETF will be advocating for the rights of logistics workers during a dedicated week of action across Europe to mark this year’s International Day for Decent Work on October 7th.