Relief for crew of detained scandal ship

23 Apr 2014

The ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation) is able to report progress in the case of the filthy and unsafe vessel Munzur, which is detained in Fowey in Cornwall, United Kingdom. Following the passing of a deadline for action by the owners to pay and repatriate its crew, the company has now agreed to pay all owed wages and help the seafarers home. The ITF has accordingly decided to delay the legal arrest of the vessel on behalf of its crew.

Speaking from the Munzur, ITF inspector Darren Procter reported: “Following our legal action on behalf of the crew, the company is now promising to pay them all the money it owes them, and to repatriate them. While that money is transferred they have demonstrated good faith by putting food onboard, along with two much-needed washing machines. If all that is owed is paid to the crew we will cease the arrest of the vessel. If the crew don’t get what they reserve we resume that arrest.”

There are 12 crewmembers, from five different nationalities onboard the Panamanian-flagged, Turkish-owned Munzur, which was detained by the UK’s Maritime and Coastguard Agency for multiple failings (see The ITF believes that as well as paying the owed money the company is likely to sign an ITF agreement which will hold them to providing decent pay and conditions for seafarers on the Munzur in future.

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