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Socially sustainable Common Fisheries Policy

Preserving fish stocks is vital, but the EU must also pay attention to the workers who bring our fish from sea to plate. We’re teaming up with EFFAT for a project developing a vision of decent work along the fisheries supply chain.

19 Mar 2019

Rail Mobile Workers – Final Report (October 2018)

In October 2018, CER and ETF concluded their joint Rail Mobile Workers project. The objective was to assess the implementation and application of CER-ETF 2004 Agreement on certain aspects of working conditions of mobile workers engaged in interoperable cross-border services in the railway sector. The project was financed by the European Commission.

The final report is available in English, French and German.


Drivers don’t just drive

Did you know? Besides driving, you bus or coach driver has to perform so many other tasks. This takes time, on the expense of rest hours. This info-graphic shows how much a driver has to do before and after driving passengers to their destination.


Bus and coach

Working as a bus or coach driver is not easy. Long working hours are the norm in this profession. Tasks include loading and unloading luggage, picking up and dropping off passengers, cleaning the bus or coach and preparing it for the next journey, and of course driving the passengers safely. The ETF fights for better conditions for bus and coach drivers.

23 Sep 2018
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