United, we fight the spread of austerity measures in Europe

ETF and its affiliates join the ETUC campaign to stop Austerity 2.0 and fight the spread of austerity measures in Europe. We cannot and will not accept that workers are again obliged to carry the burden of the economic crisis while corporations are using increased costs as an excuse to increase profits.

19 Jun 2023

European minimum wage initiative – Consultation is underway!

On 14 January, the European Commission launched First phase consultation of Social Partners on a possible action addressing the challenges related to fair minimum wages. While the ETF strongly believes that workers of Europe need a pay rise, we don’t support simplistic approaches and half-baked solutions that could endanger the autonomy of social partners around the continent. A simple prescriptive mechanism cannot solve wage stagnation – instead, we need to address the core causes of it, such as precarious work, anti-union measures, digitalisation, and austerity.

15 Jan 2020