United, we fight the spread of austerity measures in Europe

19 Jun 2023

ETF and its affiliates join the ETUC campaign to stop Austerity 2.0 and fight the spread of austerity measures in Europe.

The European Commission’s recent proposal for new economic rules obliges the EU Member States exceeding the fiscal deficit limit of 3% (of GDP) to reduce it with a fiscal adjustment of 0.5% of GDP per year. 14 EU Member States currently exceed the deficit, while many others are on the verge.

Governments throughout Europe are imposing austerity in the form of public services cuts, impacting transport workers and their families, while they have already been struggling under the pressure of the pervasive cost of living crisis.

We cannot and will not accept that workers are again obliged to carry the burden of the economic crisis while corporations are using increased costs as an excuse to increase profits.

We encourage all ETF affiliates to support the ETUC campaign to “stop austerity 2.0” and sign the dedicated petition aiming to put pressure on national governments to change the European Commission’s proposal.

United, we can achieve a fair and just Europe!