ETF stands in solidarity with Belgian railway workers

On behalf of the European Transport Workers’ Federation, representing more than 5 million transport workers, we want to express our solidarity with the railway employees of Belgium and their legitimate and justified strike.

19 Dec 2019

A trade union future for Europe

Belgian ETF affiliate hosts a seminar about the the future of trade unionism in Europe. Our Acting General Secretary was there to explain why international solidarity is the only way for transport workers to defend themselves in an interconnected world.

2 Jul 2019

Landmark ruling in favour of Ryanair crew

A Belgian court has ruled that Ryanair cabin crew are subject to national labour law. This decision will have wide-ranging consequences for European aviation, and marks a real victory in our campaign against social dumping in Europe’s skies.

14 Jun 2019

A tug worker sends an SOS call about social dumping

A tug captain from Antwerp has issued an SOS call, asking for action against social dumping in the sector. His story highlights a specific case of unfair competition in Belgium, but it is a story that will echo with tug captains across Europe. The ETF is building a network of tug captains, and we will stand with them in their struggle to defend decent pay and conditions in this vital profession.

Worker's Story
12 Jun 2019

Fair Transport action week: day four

It’s the final day of actions around Europe, and many affiliates start their journey to Brussels. Meanwhile, our rally in Strasbourg attracts the support of MEPs.

26 Mar 2019

European Dockers stand together in the fight for Fair Transport!

ETF affiliates representing dockers have held simultaneous actions in three countries as part of the Fair Transport Europe action week. Today saw actions for fair pensions in Rotterdam, on lashing in Hamburg and Bremerhaven, and in support of drivers’ rights and tighter road inspections in Antwerp.

25 Mar 2019