health and safety

Pillars of the Sea 2 – Kick off meeting

ETF and Europêche will work together on a range of projects to guarantee safer and better work for fishers: guidelines for medical examinations and the recruitment of migrant fishers, an updated Fishery Speak app, and lobbying governments to follow international rules.

13 Jun 2019

Socially sustainable Common Fisheries Policy

Preserving fish stocks is vital, but the EU must also pay attention to the workers who bring our fish from sea to plate. We’re teaming up with EFFAT for a project developing a vision of decent work along the fisheries supply chain.

19 Mar 2019

Sustainable Crewing in IWT

TASCS is a workload assessment to help develop credible manning requirements for inland waterways.

18 Sep 2018

Cabin Crew Licensing

Cabin crew are skilled professionals with a vital safety role. They need qualifications recognised everywhere in Europe.

17 Sep 2018
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