United for the Day Against Driver Fatigue in Europe

29 Jun 2023

On 21 June, the ETF launched the first Day Against Driver Fatigue in Europe. The ETF and its affiliates took action across Europe to draw attention to the critical problem of driver fatigue in road transport.

21 June was the longest day of the year – but for professional drivers, every day is the longest!

A 2021 ETF study revealed that chronic fatigue is the norm for professional drivers, with more than 60% of truck, bus and coach drivers reporting that they had to drive while fatigued on a regular basis. The root causes of driver fatigue are poor working conditions, long working hours, irregular schedules and insufficient rest. Despite the shocking results, public awareness of this critical issue must be increased.

Studies and the day-to-day reality confirm that driver fatigue is a decisive risk to road safety. It is precisely why, this 21 June, we joined forces with our affiliates in the road sector and acted together to raise awareness of the need to end driver fatigue.

Our Lithuanian affiliate – Trade Union of Lithuanian Transporters – ensured the drivers’ voices were listened to on the longest day of the year. In a  press conference hosted by the Lithuanian Parliament,  the ETF General Secretary Livia Spera, Head of ETF Land Transport Cristina Tilling, Lithuanian MP Tomas Tomilinas and LVPS Deputy Chair Audrius Cuzanauskas all stressed the urgency for the sector to address driver fatigue.

Driver fatigue is a significant risk factor that threatens every road! It was the main message  BTB ABVV members shared with all employers’ organizations in road transport in Belgium – on 21 June. They shared BTB’s 10th black book on social dumping – wrapping up the results of their targeted study visits on location – and the ETF study on driver fatigue.

ACV/CSC-Transcom also marked the day with actions in several truck parking lots throughout Flanders, explaining to drivers that chronic fatigue is a direct consequence of the structural shortage of drivers, which is caused by poor working conditions.

Unite the Union| UK discussed driver fatigue at their conference for drivers. They also visited a truck stop to talk to drivers, informing them of our first Day Against Driver Fatigue.

ver.di partnered up with Fair Mobility, Fair Integration and Arbeit und Leben and met drivers in 15 parking areas all over Germany. They distributed the ETF driver fatigue materials during these actions.


SLT| Romania also went to different parking areas to spread the word about the very first ETF-proclaimed Day Against Driver Fatigue and inform drivers about the enormous risks of driver fatigue in road transport.

FSC-CCOO Road and Logistics | Spain focused their actions on 21 June on discussing the real risks of driver fatigue with professional drivers met in different parking areas.


Some other affiliates also participated in our ‘end driver fatigue’ campaign by publishing dedicated articles, statements and press releases and sharing materials on social media:

With the very first Day Against Driver Fatigue on the 21st of June, 2023, the ETF and its affiliates called on policymakers, employers and governments in Europe to guarantee fair pay and better working conditions for all professional drivers across Europe. We also asked for all EU road safety strategies to consider driver fatigue a significant road transport risk.

A big thank you to all our affiliates in road transport, ensuring professional drivers’- voices sounded loud and clear on 21 June 2023, the very first date ETF dedicated to raising awareness on driver fatigue in road transport.

FLICKR photo album – 1st Day Against Driver Fatigue| 21 June 2023