Trade unions participating in the annual ITF – UNI Global delivery meeting say “STOP!” to massive lay-offs in TNT Italy and around the world

12 Jun 2013

On Monday 10 June, TNT announced 854 lay-offs in Italy, as part of a 2-year cost saving programme that will cost 4000 jobs. This prompted a decision by ITF, ETF and UNI affiliates to pass a resolution in support for the Italian trade unions FILT CGIL, FIT CISL and UILTRASPORTI, who are currently mobilising to fight for the rights of the concerned workers. The resolution calls, amongst others, for the company to engage in a constructive dialogue with the trade unions. So far, there is no information about the countries or the business divisions impacted by the cost savings plan.

With regard to the situation in Italy, the Italian trade unions pointed out that “workers should not pay the bill of wrong and harmful corporate choices by the TNT. The unilateral TNT decision will cost the jobs of 1/3 of the total TNT workforce in Italy. This is yet another social disaster for Italy!”

The ITF – UNI annual Global Delivery conference – the forum adopting the resolution – is an annual event that brings together union activists and works council representatives from TNT, FedEx, DHL and UPS worldwide. It aims to facilitate the exchange of experience on trade union practices and organising projects, it measures company compliance with law and fundamental rights worldwide, and develop trade union strategies for a better union representation at the level of the Big 4.